Saturday 13 October to 30 November 2019
Tuesday 12th November 7.30pm Al Borgo, Juniper Green
Don’t be put off by a baffling title … or wonder what this has to do with our local area. Come and enjoy a pizza, wine and all will be revealed in simple plain English! For over 100 years archaeologists have been speculating about the first users of metal in Britain, around 4,500 years ago, who introduced a whole raft of Continental novelties including a distinctive kind of pottery known as Bell Beakers. Were these people immigrants? Invaders? Refugees? Or was it that the indigenous people of Britain adopted new fashions from across the Channel? Now, thanks to the recent application of scientific methods including DNA and isotopic analysis of their bones and teeth, we can solve this particular riddle. And, thanks to other cutting-edge science, we can say a lot more about these people: what they ate, how they lived, even how they looked. We can start to write the biographies of the long-dead and understand our distant ancestors.
Dr Alison Sheridan has worked as a curator of the early prehistory collections at National Museums Scotland for 32 years - and has spoken in Juniper Green before and much enjoyed. She specialises in the Neolithic, Chalcolithic (Copper Age) and Bronze Age in Britain and Ireland, and has collaborated in many major national and international research projects. She is a former President of the Prehistoric Society and her contribution to prehistory has been recognised in the awarding of the British Academy’s Grahame Clark medal in 2018, the Prehistoric Society’s Europa Award in 2019, and her election as a Fellow of the British Academy in the same year.
“Solving a mystery about Britain’s people 4,500 years ago using DNA & isotope data” Alison Sheridan