Friday 2nd – Friday 30th November 2018
Balerno Village Screen “Still in her prime - Miss Jean Brodie”
St Joseph’s Centre Balerno Friday 2 November at 7.30pm
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T he   Prime   of   Miss   Jean   Brodie   was   released   in   1969,   starring   Maggie   Smith and   Gordon   Jackson,   and   based   on   Muriel   Spark’s   book   of   the   same   name, set in  1930s Edinburgh.  Four    (in    the    book,    six)    ten-year-old    girls    are    assigned    Miss    Brodie,    who describes herself as being "in my prime," as their teacher. She,   determined   that   they   shall   receive   an   education   in   the   original   sense   of the   Latin   educere,    "to   lead   out",   gives   her   students   lessons   from   her   personal experiences, promoting art history, classical studies, and fascism.  The   “Brodie   set”   goes   to   art   museums,   theatre,   concerts,   and   has   picnics   on the   school   lawn,   which   upsets   the   school's   austere   headmistress,   who   dislikes the    fact    that    the    girls    are    cultured    to    the    exclusion    of    hard    knowledge.      However,   in   a   flash-forward,   we   learn   that   one   of   her   set   will   later   betray Brodie, ruining her career, but she will never learn which one.     The     book     has     a     partly     autobiographical     basis     and     creates     deep characterisations realistic in their human imperfections.  In   this   centenary   year   of   Muriel   Spark’s   birth   it   is   still   relevant   to   watch   a   film that   won   Maggie   Smith   an   Academy   Award   and   was   ranked   in   2015   in   The Guardian as number 79 of the 100 best novels written in English.