November 2020
“Pandemic Perspectives”
We got in by a secret spot and found insects under the rocks. We wore paddly shoes because another time I’d cut my foot and got my shoes so wet I didn’t want to walk home. In the river we throwed the ball and it washed down with Nancy and Oswald-dog chasing it. Nancy fell in and got her t-shirt wet at the front. When I (Nancy) fell over in the river I waded back to the bank and started to shiver. I felt cold, wet and very upset. When we were walking home we went back through the park and had a big mug of hot chocolate. What I like about the river – is that there is a waterfall and you can always hear it, along with the insects and birds. Cat 6 and Nancy 8
Cat and Nancy: Playing in the Water of Leith, as typed up by grandpa.
Our youngest contributors discover the sounds, and dangers, of the Water of Leith
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