Friday 2nd – Friday 30th November 2018
Norma-Ann Coleman “The Many Faces of A Clockwork Mouse”
Colinton Library, Saturday 17 November at 2pm
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Come and be inspired by the many faces of “A Clockwork Mouse”.  This   beautifully-illustrated   book   is   all   about   ekphrasis   –   writing   about   art   or making   an   image   speak.      A   founder   member   of   the   National   Galleries   of Scotland’s    Words    on    Canvas    group,    Norma-Ann    Coleman    has    enjoyed making images speak for the last ten years.  In   her   first   collection   of   art-inspired   poetry,   Norma-Ann   responds   to   twenty- four   works   of   art   in   the   Galleries   and   elsewhere.      The   poems   cover   a   wide spectrum   from   the   humorous   to   the   metaphysical,   from   the   surreal   to   the reflective.     The   illustrations   are   inspired   not   by   the   original   artworks   but   by   the poems themselves. A   former   academic   administrator   at   Heriot-Watt   University,   Norma-Ann   took up   writing   in   2006   when   she   entered   the   National   Galleries   of   Scotland’s inaugural    creative   writing   competition.      Success   in   that   competition   gave   her the motivation to write more and other successes followed. With   the   NGS’s    Words   on   Canvas   writing   collective,   she   has   contributed   to pamphlets,   given   numerous   public   readings   and   responded   to   exhibitions   by the   Royal   Society   of   Painters   in   Watercolour   in   Edinburgh   and   Perth.      In March    2017    the    group    took    part    in    Sightlines     at    StAnza,    the    Scottish International Poetry Festival held in St Andrews. Named    as    one    of    Edinburgh’s    UNESCO    City    of    Literature’s    ‘emerging writers’,    Norma-Ann    read    one    of    her    art-inspired    short    stories    in    the Spiegeltent during the Edinburgh International Book Festival 2017. Her   prose   piece   “Last   Letter   from   Somewhere”   was   published   in August   2017 in   “The   Bigger   Picture,   Reflections   on   the   Great   War”.      Another   short   story and    a    poem    were    published    in    “Landfall”,    the    2017    anthology    of    the Federation of Writers (Scotland). Norma-Ann’s    long-held    ambition    has    been    to    publish    a    collection    of    her poems   illustrated   by   husband   Robert.      “A   Clockwork   Mouse”   is   the   result   of their first ekphrastic collaboration.