November 2020
T ue 1 7 No v
Billy Kay:
“J ourney into the Scottish Diaspora
Tues 1 3 Oc t
D r Jane Potter :
“They are my only diary”: Owen’s Letters
Annual Memorial Lecture in asso c iatio n w ith Edin b urgh Napie r U n iv e rsity
Wed 11 Nov
Jac k ie K ay :
“ Part Fable, Part Porridge”
in conversation with Jackie Kay
Fri 2 0 No v
Mon 16 No v
Sat 1 4 No v
Eric M e lv in :
Burke and Hare - A Dark Tale”
Helen Boden:
Pandemic Perspectives
Panashe Nyadundu:
Changing the Future Today
Liz Beevers:
A Virtual History walk
Thu 1 9 No v
Reta Ma cLennan:
Video accessed through home page from Saturday
“ The Art of Illustration - for the whole family
8pm - A talk designed for everyone followed by questions and answers with Jackie Kay live - to see the video click link on front page.
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2020 Festival Programme