Friday 2nd – Friday 30th November 2018
Janet Dyer Plants on Paper: Flower Painting or Botanical Illustration?”
Colinton Library Thursday 22 November, 6.30pm
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The aim of flower painting is to produce a decorative picture. The   purpose   of   botanical   illustration   is   to   depict   the   diagnostic   characteristics of   a   plant   in   accurate   detail,   usually   for   publication.   It   is   very   important   in current plant classification and identification. Janet   Dyer   is   a   local   artist.   She   will   let   you   into   the   secrets   of   life   as   a   plant illustrator working alongside botanists and collectors. Janet    trained    and    worked    as    a    line    artist    in    the    Herbarium    of    Oxford University,   accompanying   botanists   to   Kew   and   the   British   Museum.   Later she    also    illustrated    for    botanists    in    the    Herbarium    at   The    Royal    Botanic Garden   Edinburgh.   Recently   she   has   worked   in   colour,   gaining   a   distinction   in the RBGE Diploma of Botanical illustration. She   exhibits   widely,   gaining   Gold   Medals   from   the   Royal   Horticultural   Society and   Royal   Caledonian   Horticultural   Society:   her   specialist   subject   being   “Non- native   plant   invaders”.   Her   painting   of   Giant   Hogweed   was   acquired   by   the RHS Lindley Library, London, and exhibited this summer.  Her   illustration   of   Balerno   wild   apples   was   shown   at   the   recent   “Flora   Scotia” exhibition at the Botanics.  Janet   is   a   founder   member   of   the   Pentland Art   Club   which,   if   you   are   inspired by her talk, is always looking for new members.