Friday 2nd – Friday 30th November 2018
Elizabeth Ezra “So you think you’re funny?” A Creative Writing Workshop for Children
Currie Library Friday 30  November at 3.30pm
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Are   you   a   young   person   (aged   between   7   and   11)   with   a   love   of   stories,   and fancy writing your own?  Or   perhaps   you   already   enjoy   writing   and   fancy   some   expert   tips?      Come along   and   take   part   in   a   mini   writing   workshop   with   acclaimed   children’s author, Elizabeth Ezra.  Try   creating   comic   situations   and   hilarious   stories   in   this   group   interactive workshop, develop those writerly skills, and have a laugh! When   Elizabeth   was   growing   up   in   California   she   was   fascinated   by   witches.     By   the   age   of   eight,   she   had   read   all   the   witch   books   in   her   local   library,   and so decided to write one of her own.  Now,   many   years   and   continents   later,   she   has   written   (with   help   from   her children)   the   Kelpies-Prize-winning   Ruby   McCracken:   Tragic   without   Magic” , which   was   named   by   the   Scottish   Herald    as   one   of   the   ‘Nine   Best   Books   for Children and Teenagers’ in its Christmas round-up of 2017.  Elizabeth   has   lived   in   Paris   and   in   upstate   New   York,   but   now   calls   Edinburgh home.