November 2020
“Pandemic Perspectives”
Back to Index Juniper Lockdown - Fiona, from Currie, who now lives in Eriboll, Sutherland, spent lockdown                                  with her mother in Juniper Green. Missing home on the North coast,                                  she reminds us that remoteness is relative:
Police ars speeding, No lambs bleating. People walking, Lots of talking. 2 metre distance... What an existence. No more hugs, Masks hooked on lugs. Sirens screeching, Home school teaching. Empty streets, Like that for weeks. Wash hands 'til red, Can't wait for bed. Find jobs to do, More than a few. Phone friends to pass the time away, In isolation we must stay. We miss our social meets with all. Mustn't take eyes off the ball. Walking past the Railway Inn Padlocked door, I miss my gin! Fewer cars whizzing by. Clear blue skies could this be why? No planes flying high above, Cleaner air, what's not to love? Nature bursting into life, Pollution less rife. People dying, loved ones crying. Online shopping not so easy. Frowned upon if over sneezy. Our local 'Molly's'... boy what stars! Home deliveries in volunteer cars! And fish too was dropped at door! Who could ask for more! No popping out to shops for treats. How will we cope without our sweets? Our days all roll into one. No journeys out just for fun. Dream of family back home. Of hills and mountains still to roam. Then find a space to clear my head. A daily walk, play park is dead. We praise our NHS each week Their dedication quite unique. Buses all running empty. Covid news daily, oh so plenty. Headed home at last. A9 journey what a blast! Eerie too, with cars a few. Tears well, my home comes into view. ... It's welcome long overdue.
Helen Boden 01