Tuesday 22 nd November - Currie Rugby Club - 7.30 pm
Gavin Francis
Your Good Health”
Gavin is an award-winning writer and a GP working in urban and rural communities. He saw how Covid affected every walk of life: the anxious teenager, the isolated care home resident, the struggling furloughed worker, the homeless ex-prisoner, united by vulnerability in the face of a global disaster. And he saw how the cost of the virus was measured not just in infections, or deaths, or ITU beds, but in the consequences of the measures taken against it. His book, Intensive Care, gave a deeply personal account of eighteen months spent caring for a society in crisis. And in telling this story he revealed others: of loneliness and hope, illness and recovery, and what we can achieve when we care for each other. His latest publication, Recovery, illustrates that, when it comes to illness, sometimes the end is just the beginning. Recovery and convalescence are words that exist at the periphery of our lives - until we are forced to contend with what they really mean.Gavin views medicine as 'the alliance of science and kindness' and explores how and why we get better, revealing the many shapes recovery takes.”
Friday 11 th - Tuesday 22 nd November