Wednesday 8th March - Colinton Library - 6.30 pm
Rosemary Goring
Location, Location, Location: the places Mary Queen of Scots made history”
400 years on, the story of Mary, Queen of Scots still grips our imaginations. The 12 years Mary spent in Scotland profoundly influenced who she was and what happened to her. Rosemary Goring's Homecoming tells the dramatic story of her Scottish years through the many atmospheric places where the events that shaped her life and the country's future played out. In so doing she paints a compelling and poignant portrait of one of history's most famous and enigmatic queens. Rosemary will be discussing her new book and, as a reviewer for various publications, she will also briefly talk about the pleasures and pitfalls of book reviewing.
Friday 11 th - Tuesday 22 nd November