November 2020
“Pandemic Perspectives”
When you contribute please say how you would like to be credited and you can either use your full name, part of it, initials or pseudonym as you wish.
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Juniper Lockdown - Fiona, from Currie, who now lives in Eriboll, Sutherland, spent lockdown with her mother in Juniper Green.
A Reflection on Ageing - Russell starts off the responses with a reflection on ageing, and virtual art & nature
The Pylon Field - Liz tours the boundaries, history and botany of a local field
Second Den - Chris leads us through his lockdown garden to a surprise discovery
Balerno Shelterbelts - Gavin maps his lockdown exercise and tells the story of a walk in his own artwork
The Good, The Bad and The Yucky - Norma-Ann rediscovers the slow lanes
Challenges of Lockdown - Helen reflects on some of the challenges of lockdown time and place
Shelterbelts - In April and May, Helen left the hills for the security of Balerno’s gridded woodland
Lockdown on Lanark Road - Rob notes some welcome strangenesses, from a different volume of alarm call to ‘zigzag attempts to avoid close contact’
The Sainsbury’s Otter - Liz’s scenic-route return from shopping leads to a magical sighting on the Water of Leith
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Lockdown Morning: Stunning observations on the internal and the external moods of lockdown from Dorothy - ‘let the countryside go for a walk in you’
Dandelions: Dorothy’s angle on pandemic time and space
Headwaters and Headspace: Helen eases out of lockdown via an imaginary island at midsummer in her final Thread Leader installment
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Not Redundant: Catriona, a furloughed art therapist, finds her own therapy in walking and drawing the pentlands
Cat and Nancy: Playing in the Water of Leith, as typed up by grandpa.
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Covid Chronicles from Juniper Green: Jan’s view of lockdown
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The Return: Liz P’s Dell encounter
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Afterword: Helen sums up the Pandemic Perspectives thread
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Post Script: A Pandemic perspectives Sampler
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