Friday 2nd – Friday 30th November 2018
Jacquetta Megarry “Rucksack Guidebooks - How I Stumbled into Publishing”
Colinton Library, Sunday 18 November at 2pm
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Jacquetta   Megarry   explains   how   and   why   she   founded   Rucksack   Readers, which    has     b een    publishing    award-winning    guidebooks    for    long-distance walkers   since   2000.   Hers   was   a   major   career   change   –   an   unplanned   by- product   of   various   friends'   50th   birthdays   –   which   led   to   a   new   breed   of weatherproof     guidebooks     to     adventurous     walks     worldwide.     Rucksack Readers   cover   37   routes   so   far.   Taking   the   John   Muir   Way   (Helensburgh   to Dunbar)    as    her    example,    she    explains    the    design    process    and    raises questions   about   what   walkers   need   and   how   best   to   provide   it   using   printed text   supported   by   digital   resources.   The   session   is   intended   not   only   for walkers   and   cyclists,   but   also   for   anybody   with   an   interest   in   the   role   of printed books in the 21st century. After   a   career   in   education,   information   technology   and   academic   publishing, Jacquetta became interested in long-distance walking and trekking. Having   completed   her   first   long   walk,   the   West   Highland   Way,   in   1998   she progressed   to   Mount   Kilimanjaro,   which   she   has   since   summited   four   times by different routes. In   2000   she   devised   the   weatherproof,   open-flat   Rucksack   Reader   format with   built-in   maps   for   walking   guidebooks:   h ttp:// .   The   first two   titles,   “Speyside   Way”   and   “West   Highland   Way”   were   soon   followed   by   a further 35 guidebooks (of which she has written or co-authored about 20). She   has   trekked   abroad   at   altitude,   and   also   walked   many   of   England's National   Trails.   She   has   hiked   most   of   Scotland's   Great   Trails   and   in   2017 she   created   the   website   h ttp://    in   partnership with   Scottish   Natural   Heritage.   She   is   a   member   of   the   Outdoor   Writers   and Photographers   Guild   and   in   2016   won   its   Award   for   Excellence   with   the guidebook “Trek to Everest”. website