October to November 2020
Saturday 16th November 2pm Colinton Library
Crafting Dignity from Crime” Jenny Robertson
Eighty years after the outbreak of the Second World War, Jenny Robertson’s short stories, From the Volga to the Clyde, are created from memories from Poland, while her biography of a major Polish writer, From Corsets to Communism, explores a woman’s loves and life against the background of the troubled 20 th century. Jenny Robertson has written over 38 books for adults and children (including Wojtek War Hero Bear) as well as four poetry collections. She gives presentations in schools and at community events and has appeared three times in the Edinburgh International Book Festival, most recently this year. Crafting Dignity from Crime – the horror of war is so huge that facts and figures become too overwhelming to take in. However, small mementoes, an apple, the sound of departing footsteps, a grandmother’s kindness speak volumes and have been woven into short stories by Jenny Robertson. Zofia Nałkowska (1884-1954), a leading Polish writer whose life encapsulates key moments of Polish history, is now internationally known for Medallions, penned in 1947, the first eye witness accounts of Nazi war crimes. Jenny’s readings from these books (and perhaps a little Wojtek) will provide a background to a bigger picture and offer stimulating reflections on the power of well-chosen words to work for good. From Corsets to Communism, the life and times of Zofia Nałkowska (Scotland Street Press) Wojtek, War Hero Bear (Birlinn Publishing) From the Volga to the Clyde (http://www.flemingpublications.com) winner of US Premier Book Achievement Award other books available on Amazon