November 2020
“Pandemic Perspectives”
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I awake around 6.30 as usual, but strangely no early traffic noise, my morning alarm clock, on the Lanark Road. Stranger still, no increase in volume as time slides forward to drive time and peak traffic. The silence now dominated by the more satisfying sound of wood pigeons in the nearby trees. So this is Covid lockdown, surely a plus. No reek of exhaust fumes or gauntlet of backed up cars as I exit the lane on an early run. The village lies silent, few people about. In the days following we became less a commuter residency and traffic corridor from somewhere to nowhere, and more a rooted community, reflecting village life as it used to be. It’s as if we have stepped back in time. It was all a bit unnerving if very welcome: people, not cars, became the moving and dominant figures on the landscape, moving hither and thither in their zigzag attempts to avoid close contact - although more usually saying “hullo” in passing. Now with lockdown lifted we return to life as we knew it, from a gentler time to a brave new noisy and uncertain world.
Lockdown on Lanark Road - Rob notes some welcome strangenesses, from a different volume of alarm call to ‘zigzag attempts to avoid close contact’
Helen Boden 01