Wednesday 16 th November - Central Library, George Fourth Bridge - 2pm to 3pm or 3pm to 4pm
Visit the amazing local literary riches in the Central Library’s Edinburgh and Scottish Collection
Treasure Your History
Central Library’s Edinburgh and Scottish Collection has an incredible collection of books, photos, press cuttings and maps about Edinburgh generally and also specifically about our area, many kept carefully behind the scenes. During our visits, Iain Duffus the Librarian will show us some of the rare gems they hold (like the first Bible printed in Edinburgh, and early editions of Burns) but also many items about our own area collected over the years. This is a specially arranged visit during which there will be the chance to explore the awesome bookstacks, see some of Scotland’s first newspapers from the eighteenth century, and to browse selected local items laid out for us to enjoy. Benefit, too, from Iain’s knowledge of resources for family and local history: some available to borrow, some for reference only. If you think you know what Edinburgh’s Library is all about..think again! Book your session and meet in the front lobby of Central Library on George IV Bridge just before 2.00pm or 3.00pm Wednesday 16th November. There are two sessions to allow small group access to the bookstacks. There is a lift to access the Edinburgh Room (but not to the toilets unfortunately). If you want to make notes about your visit please bring a pencil and paper. Photography will be allowed but not flash photography.
Friday 11 th - Tuesday 22 nd November