Saturday 19 th November - Colinton Library, 2 - 4pm
Authors from the Water of Leith Villages
Local Authors’ Panel
Edinburgh Rock Jane Curr and Helen Savage Few will recognise the name of Edinburgh artist Tom Curr (1887-1958) but many will be familiar with the iconic images of the Scotts Porage Oats shotputter or the Portobello Bathing Beauty. The fascinating story of this remarkable man has been brought to life in a new book, Edinburgh Rock by Sandy Brewer. Tom’s twin granddaughters will explore the different facets of his life - as a soldier in the trenches of Passchendaele, as a commercial artist, as a captain of the Boys’ Brigade, as a town councillor and as a fine artist who painted Clydesdale horses in the fields of Perthshire. On display will be some of the memorabilia and artwork, stored in the attic of their parents’ Juniper Green home, which formed the basis of much of the book.
The Cold Hand of Charity Tales from the Edinburgh City Poorhouse - Alastair MacDonald When the new model Poorhouse opened in 1870, a commentator said “ To render the Poorhouse unattractive to the lazy and vicious and to keep them under proper restraint when they are inmates, a harsher treatment and sterner discipline are necessary than if the good and industrious resided within the walls”. Taken entirely from contemporary accounts, this is the extraordinary story of the Edinburgh Poorhouse. With tales that are shocking and poignant as well as amusing, the world of the Poorhouse is brought to life in this book.
Mapping Scotland by Hand: The making of the Atlas of Scotland - Andrew Barr The Atlas of Scotland uses hand-drawn maps and illustrations to tell Scotland’s story. It explores in detail how Scotland was made, its history and culture, as well as its long standing as one of the ancient kingdoms of Europe. This book also takes the reader far beyond Scotland, looking at some of the fascinating ways Scotland has connected with the outside world throughout history – from the old European trade routes of Scottish merchants, to the Scottish National Antarctic Expedition, and so much more. The Atlas has been praised by First Minister Nicola Sturgeon as ‘an extraordinary vision of the country’ and ‘putting Scotland on display like never before.’
Friday 11 th - Tuesday 22 nd November