Saturday 18th November - 12 noon Colinton Library
Jenny Robertson, Ann Stenhouse, Chikamso Kanu and Sarah Byrom
Local Authors
Jenny Robertson: Travels in Ukraine Jenny has authored around 40 books over wide-ranging subjects including poetry, children’s books, books on mental health issues, Scottish-focussed material, and books about Russia and Poland, including Holocaust material. Recent books include Wojtek War Hero Bear for children, short stories From the Volga to the Clyde, and a literary biography From Corsets to Communism. Her latest, Ukraine, a personal exploration before Putin's war, published by Handsel Press, Edinburgh was launched this August. Jenny has studied Polish and Russian language and literature, has lived and worked in both countries so brings an in-depth knowledge to her travels in Ukraine Sarah Byrom A tribute to her childhood and celebrating the ‘bonkerness’ of daily family life, Sarah Byrom’s new memoir is a real treasure. Marmalade Raspberries & Albrecht – a Poetry Prose Memoir is a labour of love which took over a year to write and 13 years to publish. The book is an illustrated memoir and collection of short stories, poems and recipes celebrating Sarah’s childhood and a tribute to ‘the wonderment of family life.’ Recognising the importance of Aberlour’s work to support struggling families through its Urgent Assistance Fund, Sarah is covering all costs herself so that every penny donated for the book and cards will go to the emergency relief fund. ‘It was wonderful to think about my childhood and how important it was in making me the person I am today. I have always loved kids and during lockdown I decided to investigate becoming a foster carer to give a child the opportunities and love I had growing up.’ Chikamso Kanu Chikamso, one of the youngest authors to appear at the PBF, likes writing because he has a big imagination. This is evident in his first published book: “The official gang” about which he will be speaking. Chikamso illustrated the book himself as well, no mean feat for a twelve year old! Chikamso will be using 50% of the royalties from the book sales to support children in need especially those children that have been negatively impacted by 'gang' activities. "I am sure every child has an innate desire to do good, I hope to help them in my own little way to shine forth and let the goodness in them overcome the evil around them. Anne Stenhouse Anne loves writing dialogue-rich historical romance with lashings of humour and a swirl of thematic mystery. She is currently engaged in serial writing and short novel writing for the Dundee publishers DC Thomson. Anne will talk about writing the short novel and long serial for the popular market. Anne is a member of the Romantic Novelists' Association and a life member of Edinburgh Writers' Club.
Monday 6th - Monday 20th November