Friday 2nd – Friday 30th November 2018
Iain MacDonald The Gannet”
Dreghorn Loan Hall, Colinton Saturday 21st  November, 7.00 for 7.30pm a glass of wine available from 7pm.
T his   event   is   hosted   jointly   with   the   Colinton   Parish   Church   Lit   Society   (The   Lit), which   celebrates   its   108th   season   this   year   and   has   welcomed   the   Pentlands Book Festival's involvement in this inaugural joint event.  Iain   MacDonald   won   the   inaugural   Isobel   Lodge   Award   for   New   Scottish   Writing in   2017,   as   well   as   the   international   Scottish   Arts   Club   Short   Story   Competition, with   his   unpublished   story,   "The   Gannet".      The   rules   were   changed   for   the   2018 competition to prevent one author winning both prizes in the same year. Alexander   McCall   Smith   chose   'The   Gannet'   as   his   favourite   among   all   the finalists,   calling   it   'atmospheric'   and   praising   the   'clarity   and   the   economy   of   the prose’.      We   look   forward   to   hearing   about   the   genesis   of   his   story   and   of   Iain's plans for future publications. Unpublished   author   Iain   MacDonald   was   born   in   Lewis   but   grew   up   in   Thurso.     The   thirty-two   year-old,   who   is   a   Drama   teacher   at   Linlithgow   Academy,   said   at the   time   that   he   had   never   shown   his   work   to   anyone   except   his   partner   before winning the two prizes.  Iain   completed   a   Master’s   degree   at   the   Bristol   Old   Vic   Theatre   School   and   was in   theatres   as   a   Director,   where   he   worked   on   new   writing   and   with   children.      He then   decided   to   go   into   teaching   and   had   only   been   at   Linlithgow Academy   for   a short time before winning the prizes.   He   said   “I’ve   really   enjoyed   working   at   the   school.      It   has   been   very   welcoming and   it   has   really   good   staff   and   pupils.      I   enjoy   teaching   drama   because   it   gives kids    invisible    skills,    such    as    teamwork,    public    speaking    and    helps    them    to develop   confidence.      I   think   it   is   important   to   have   it   in   the   curriculum   as   it   is   not a traditional subject. At   the   awards   dinner,   Short   Story   Director   Sara   Cameron   McBean   said,   'Iain's win   speaks   loudly   to   all   those   writers   in   Scotland   who   have   been   hiding   their work   in   a   secret   drawer.      It   is   time   to   take   the   chance   and   share   your   work because who knows what can happen’. The   event   is   free   to   members   of   The   Lit,   with   non-members   being   welcome   on payment of £3 at the door . To read “The Gannet”, visit: 2 ef7e0cb0/1508229851349/The+Gannet+by+Iain+MacDonald.pdf