Friday 2nd – Friday 30th November 2018
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Juniper Green Church  Thursday 29 November at 7.30pm
                                                                                 Bestselling Queen of Crime Val McDermid will be at this year’s Pentlands                                                                                                                                                                  Book Festival talking with Philippa Cochrane of the Scottish Book Trust.                                                                                     They will discuss, amongst other things, Val’s brand new Karen Pirie thriller.                                                                                   2018, Wester Ross, Scotland and a Highland peat bog gives up a secret                       that has lain buried for seventy years.                                                                                    When a young couple arrive in search of treasure left buried in the Highlands                                                                                     by an ancestor stationed in Wester Ross during the Second World War, they                                                                                      discover more than they bargained for.                                                                                                                                                                                Their tattered and crumbling map leads them to the resting place of something far more sinister. Is this a body that has been in the ground for seventy-two years? The corpse’s footwear tells a different story… one that needs DCI Karen Pirie and her Historic Cases Unit to understand what the past is trying to explain. But Karen has other cases on her mind, with equally useful reminders that the past has a habit of catching up with us all eventually… Moving   seamlessly   between   1944   and   the   present   day,   Val   McDermid   weaves   an   intriguing   tale   of   atmospheric   suspense   and suspicion. Dubbed   the   Queen   of   psychological   thrillers,   Val   McDermid   has   sold   over   15   million   books   and   is   translated   into   over   40 languages.         She   is   perhaps   best-known   for   her   Wire   in   the   Blood   series,   featuring   clinical   psychologist   Dr   Tony   Hill   and   DCI Carol Jordan, which was adapted for television starring Robson Green. She   has   written   three   other   series:   private   detective   Kate   Brannigan,   journalist   Lindsay   Gordon   and,   most   recently,   cold   case detective   Karen   Pirie.   She   has   also   published   several   award-winning   standalone   novels,   two   books   of   non-fiction   and   a   children’s picture book, “My Granny is a Pirate”. Val’s   achievements   in   the   past   year   have   included   judging   the   Booker   Prize,   writing   a   Radio   4   play,   writing   two   stage   plays, creating   a   ground   breaking   art   installation,   chairing   numerous   events   at   the   Edinburgh   Festival,   guest   editing   Radio   4’s   Front Row,   appearing   as   a   guest   on   BBC   1’s   Have   I   Got   News   For   You ,   touring   the   country   as   part   of   her   band   ‘The   Fun   Lovin’   Crime Writers’ and writing her biggest selling book in nearly ten years, “Insidious Intent”. Val   is   an   experienced   broadcaster   with   regular   and   hugely   popular   appearances   on   TV   and   radio. A   regular   with   BBC   Radio,   Val has   written   dramas   and   presented   programmes   on   BBC   Radio   4   and   was   also   a   huge   success   on   the   evergreen   Desert   Island Discs .    In   early   2017   Val’s   Radio   4   play,   Resistance ,   aired   to   great   acclaim.   It   was   produced   in   collaboration   with   the   Wellcome Trust   and   Val   was   Chair   of   the   2017   Wellcome   Book   Prize.   In   2012   she   became   a   Celebrity   Mastermind    champion   and   to   further add to her broadcasting credentials, in late 2016 she captained the winning University Challenge  alumnae team! She   has   won   countless   awards   internationally,   including   the   CWA   Gold   Dagger   for   best   crime   novel   of   the   year,   the   CWA   Cartier Diamond   Dagger,   the   Grand   Prix   des   Romans   D’Aventure,   the   Lambda   Literary   Foundation   Pioneer   Award   in   2011   and   the   LA Times   Book   of   the   Year Award.   In   2016   she   received   the   Outstanding   Contribution   to   Crime   Fiction   award   at   the   Theakston’s   Old Peculiar   Harrogate   Crime   Festival   and   was   elected   a   Fellow   of   both   the   Royal   Society   of   Literature   and   the   Royal   Society   of Edinburgh. Val   was   born   in   Kirkcaldy,   and   graduated   in   English   at   St   Hilda’s   College,   Oxford.   Her   first   novel   was   published   in   1987.      She   is   a lifelong   Raith   Rovers   Football   Club   supporter   and   in   2011   was   appointed   as   a   Director   on   the   board.   She   is   the   current   home shirt sponsor. Val’s   other   loves   in   life   include   walking,   music,   gaming   and   cooking.   She   writes   full   time   and   divides   her   time   between   Edinburgh and Cheshire. For further information please visit , or @valmcdermid on twitter . This talk will be chaired by Philippa Cochrane, Head of Reader Development at the Scottish Book Trust.
                                         Val McDermid  " … an evening with the Queen of Crime