Saturday 13 October to 30 November 2019
Monday 25th November 7pm Venue to be confirmed
Denzil Meyrick “A Breath on Dying Embers”
We welcome another great exponent of ‘Tartan Noir’ who’s latest book in the DCI Daley series, “A Breath on Dying Embers” was published this year. Million selling Denzil Meyrick’s first job in the police gives his tales authenticity. His years in managing a distillery, as a businessman and journalist gives depth. But his unique mix of darkness and humour underpins everything. In this conversation we’ll cover his life, writing, latest book and what he’s planning for his cast of characters in ‘Kinlock’ the town that looks exceeding like his home town of Campbeltown. It may be impossible to find out how he contrives his ingenious plots – but we’ll try – and also discover why he pays homage to Agatha Christie.
About A Breath on Dying Embers:
This the eighth book in the series starts when the luxury cruiser, hastily
renamed Great Britain, berths in Kinloch harbour.
The UK Government are taking a high-powered group of businessmen
and women on a tour of the British isles, golfing and seeing the sights,
as part of a push for global trade.
But when one of the crew goes missing, and an elderly local
ornithologist disappears, will the pressure become too great?
The arrival of a face from the past sends Daley’s world into a tailspin,
and the lives of the passengers and crew of SS Great Britain, as well
as the country’s economic future, are in jeopardy.
DS Brian Scott comes to the fore, and replete with a temporary
promotion, is once more - most reluctantly, in this case - back at sea.
Daley faces a life and death struggle…
‘Tartan noir continues to fourish . . . just the right amount of authenticity . . . gritty writing . . . most memorable’ – The Herald
‘Denzil Meyrick is here for the duration, so get on board. A top talent and one to be cherished.’ - Quintin Jardine