Friday 2nd – Friday 30th November 2018
Catherine Walker “The War Poets at Craiglockhart”
Napier University, Craiglockhart Campus, Tuesday 13 November at 10am
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Edinburgh    Napier    University’s    Craiglockhart    Campus    has    a    varied    and interesting   past   as   a   hydropathic   establishment,   military   hospital   during   WW1, and a Roman Catholic convent teacher training college and school.  In   1988,   the   War   Poets   Collection   was   established   in   order   to   commemorate these    unique    histories.    The    Collection    now    holds    more    than    650    items, including books, letters, photographs, regalia and audio.  Join   the   Curator,   Catherine   Walker,   for   a   guided   talk   about   some   of   the   special items   in   the   Collection   and   the   fascinating   characters   associated   with   the University’s historic campus. Catherine   Walker   has   worked   in   the   library   sector   for   more   than   forty   years. Her   career   began   at   the   age   of   sixteen   in   McDonald   Road   Public   Library   and has since included posts in research, national and university libraries.  Catherine   has   curated   the   War   Poets   Collection   and   its   associated   permanent exhibition    at    Edinburgh    Napier    University    for    more    than    twenty    years, overseeing    the    development    of    this    special    collection    from    a    wooden bookcase to the small, museum-grade exhibition space that we see today.
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