November 2020
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“Changing the Future Today” Events
Panashe Nyadundu
2020 has truly been a year of uncomfortable, yet necessary change, following the tragic murder of George Floyd in police custody in the US. The fight for racial equality saw a global reignition by the current ‘Black Lives Matter’ Movement. It is often thought that the matter and issue of racism doesn’t affect Scotland in the same way; however, this is not true. In light of this, the annual Pentlands Book Festival has chosen the theme of the “Future”, which will aim to deepen the conversation of racism and prejudices which lie in our local communities. As a young black woman who grew up in Currie, a predominantly white area, I faced a lot of racism and discrimination because of my race, which affected me deeply. Further adding to this, discussions surrounding racism in the community were sparse. I believe that the best way to tackle racial prejudices and attitudes is through educating and ridding ourselves of our wrongly, sometimes subconsciously, held beliefs which can lead to intentional or unintentional acts of racism. This is where we hope you and the rest of our community will play a role in further recognising and understanding the issue of racism. We are looking for community contributions that will add, respond to, and expand on the discussion of what racism looks like in our area and how we wish to change the future today. The contributions can be in the format of prose, poetry, song, drawing or a photo so feel free to think outside the box and get creative with your entries! Our communities cannot change the future if there is no recognition of the problems we face today so we hope that you can get involved in changing the narrative to build a better future today!
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