November 2020
Reta MacLennan
“Dreams of the Future”
Hopes and Aspirations You might be asking yourself, where do I start? If you had a magic wand which could create improvements, what would they be? Imagine there are no boundaries to your wishes: improvements for our community, make a dream a reality for Scotland, the UK, Europe and, even, the world. Start thinking, dreaming, wishing and you are on the right track. Has Covid 19, terrible as it is, focused you on quality of life? Do you see with renewed clarity ordinary things which are normally overlooked? Have you resolved to adopt lasting improvements? Would you like to share your improvements? Have you travelled for work or a holiday? Perhaps to a place made beautiful, enjoyed a simple kindness. What was different or better? How could we make that happen here? Perhaps ask your children, (with some guidance on the project), to tell me what they would wish for. Children can have an amazing capacity for freedom of thought and have a fresh and different perspective. My job will be to collect your ideas and thread them into a colourful tapestry of wishes and dreams. Help me weave a kaleidoscope of magical thinking, If you have any doubts that big things cannot grow from small ideas and commitment, think of the charitable project Mary’s Meals. Magnus MacFarlane-Barrow, a fish farm employee in Argyll, drove a Land Rover with clothing and supplies to people caught up in the Bosnian conflict. Out of that selfless commitment, a whole charity grew and now supports schooling and feeds over one million children in Africa, Asia, South America and the Caribbean. Your ideas will not stop here, you could possibly be planting seeds which might grow to bigger things; we will not drop the ball, we’ll channel them in directions where change might happen. Get involved.
To get your creative juices running Reta asks some questions that might trigger your thoughts to get you writing.
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