November 2020
Dreams of the Future Chapter 3 Events
Here is a contribution from Dorothy, with wishes to retain the good things of these uncertain times. An addition to the theme, After the pandemic. May all this mean something May we have a new thankfulness for the solid presence of Black Hill for the reliability of bluebells and brambles for space in the park we can walk to with its dandelions and swings. May we remember how the sky showed us distant mountains in its new clarity. How we heard birdsong. May we recall the small sharings of neighbours. May we come out of this with our hearts still willing to risk being kind. Thank you Dorothy, your poem made me tingle. Stop trade in wildlife NOW Here is an informed plea from Kate to care and protect our wildlife. As we face the prospect of a second lockdown and a long winter of isolation, what better time to dream? Not just for ourselves, but also for the animals that we share our planet with. The reason that we're in this mess is humanity's brutal treatment of wild animals. The insatiable appetite to consume a wild animal, whether it's as food, medicine, to own as a pet, a fashion item or as entertainment is driving a trade of wildlife like a modern-day form of slavery. Rather than being free to roam forests, savannahs and the oceans, more and more wild animals are being poached and bred in cruel captive conditions for our 'use', and for profit and commercial gain. My dream for the world after Covid-19 is a world free of this wildlife trade. A world that shows its love and respect for wildlife by banning this trade, and protecting wild animals in the wild where they belong. Let's not forget that the source of this pandemic is believed to have originated from a bat or a pangolin being traded in the market in Wuhan in China. The source of previous viruses has likewise been from zoonotic sources - the transfer of diseases from animals to humans. Sars, ebola, HIV, TB, all of these came from animals. When animals are treated with such cruelty and suffer unendurable stress, what can we expect? 70% of emerging infectious diseases originate from wild animals. Another virus will take a grip, and kill many more people, if we do not learn our lessons from Covid-19. My dream is that we protect what's left of our wild spaces, that we nurture our planet back to health, and that we learn to live as one with nature and the other creatures we share this precious earth with. Each one of us can help make this dream a reality. One place to start is by signing this petition: Thank you Kate. We wish you well in presenting your petition to the G20 summit meeting on 23rd November 2020.
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Demand an end to the global wildlife trade The global trade of wild animals is cruel, unsustainable and puts our health at risk. We demand the government call for a global wildlife trade ban and introduce a new law to ban the import and export of wild animals and wild animal products in the UK.