November 2020
Dreams of the Future Chapter 4 Events
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People I met in the street Contributions to the website had stalled. I wondered if members of the community who had not used our website might still like to contribute and have their say. I had a few walkabouts in our villages and in discussions it became clear that the future and magical thinking in the current pandemic world, was rarely in their thoughts. Here are some of their views of a future, or not, in their current thinking. My wife is the one who says what my future will be.’ He laughed and would not give his name ‘Health and happiness right around the world.’ A young couple ‘Get away from the default position being one of worry. I don’t want to hear on the news that someone knows two people with Covid. Give us the good news, and cheer us up. Be positive there is a lot to be thankful for.’ Alanna ‘Currie has nowhere for teenagers to meet up. They don’t want to be organised, they just want to hang out together. I would wish for a place where they could just be together locally.’ Helen, mother of teenagers I love this one. ‘I want Santa to be able to come here and to my house and I want Grandad to get better. He could fly here on his sledge.’ (Her mother confirmed it Grandad who would be flying in on a sledge.) Ellie aged 7 ‘I can’t think about the future. I’d like to be able to describe a future, but at the moment my future is not very far ahead. Grandad’s health is failing and he is not coping well at the moment.’ Ellie’s mother ‘My daughter and her family are in Australia and I want to be able to travel there safely and see them all.’ Margie This couple were strolling on the Water of Leith path at Juniper Green and were happy to chat. I asked them if they had any dreams or wishes for our future. Jim: I’m happy with Radio 4, as long as that keeps going, I’ll be fine. I heard yesterday morning that swimming in very cold water in the winter might help keep Alzheimer's at bay. Erica: You’ll get hypothermia before you get Alzheimer’s Jim: I’ll try finishing with a cold shower tomorrow and see how I feel. Erica: That’ll cure you of that nonsense right away. Let’s hope Radio 4 continues for him then. ‘The future is not for us, it is for the young.’ Another middle aged gentleman ‘G.R.I.M. I’m still above the grass. Or as a farmer would say ‘Yer in ma pen noo’ I had to have that explained to me. ‘Well the farmer puts his cattle into a pen before they are sent off in the big van.’ Duncan The important themes which arose touched on health, and family issues. As you can see, the future is not so far ahead at the moment.