Friday 11 th November - Currie Rugby Club - 7.30 pm
Lesley Riddoch
A buffet of Nordic politics with Lesley Riddoch: broadcaster, journalist, author, cyclist and Director of Nordic Horizons. Lesley is one of Scotland’s best-known commentators and broadcasters; producing the Lesley Riddoch Podcast while also writing weekly columns for The Herald and The National, and regularly contributing to the Guardian, Scotland Tonight, and Any Questions. Just after the European referendum the late Paddy Bort and Lesley predicted Brexit would spark renewed interest in Scotland’s small, successful neighbours. The Nordic countries enjoy a veritable smorgasbord of relationships with the EU - perhaps an arrangement in there could suit Scotland? Would an independent Scotland need full EU membership with the Euro - like Finland - or could we better stand in the EEA ‘halfway house’ like Norway and Iceland, or stay outside the EU altogether like the tiny Faroes? Difficult questions about trade, freedom of movement and sovereignty have already been tackled and resolved by the five Nordic nations, so clearly there's something for Scotland to learn. Lesley and the Nordic Horizons team organised a conference with speakers from almost every Nordic nation months after the Brexit vote in 2016. Expert insights and personal experience have given Lesley a hands-on perceptiveness that’s pragmatic and thought- provoking, challenging, instructive, and still relevant six years on - shining Nordic light on the debate about Scotland's post-Brexit future.
Friday 11 th - Tuesday 22 nd November