November 2020
Introducing the Three Thread Leaders Events
“Dreams” Reta MacLennan
I’d like to hear from the upper Water of Leith village communities or those who wish to add their voice to this project. Thinking about lifestyles, environment or anything which affects you, what would be your desired vision of our future? I invite you to tell me your hopes, dreams and even magical wishes. From seedling ideas, the imaginable could flourish and perhaps even influence the wider world. Brainstorming and creativity know no boundaries. So, close your eyes, or put your thinking cap on and imagine. Please tell me about it and help make the magic happen.
“Changing the Future Today” Panashe Nyadundu
“Pandemic Perspectives” Helen Boden
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2020 has been a year of uncomfortable, yet necessary change, following the tragic murder of George Floyd in police custody in the US. The fight for racial equality saw a global reignition by the current ‘Black Lives Matter’ Movement. In light of this, the Pentlands Book Festival has chosen the theme “Changing the Future Today” to deepen the recognition and understanding of the racism which occurs in our local communities. Panashe, as a young black woman, endured racism growing up in Currie. She believes that, through education, we can raise awareness to dismantle commonly held beliefs that incite racism. We want to collect experiences and ideas that explore the topic in detail through personal experiences in the form of creative writing to create an available and important local resource.
Despite the restrictions, I found myself in ‘A Good Place’ during the pandemic. I’ll be starting a ‘thread’ about the unfamiliarity of well-kent territory, when seen in lockdown light. This will weave together responses to a time in this place, your poetry, stories and artwork of the pandemic. What did you find on localised daily exercise and how could you take this forward to help shape our future? As the season shifted, and visibility increased in unpolluted air, I found magic in a slowed-down, quietened opportunity to really encounter the local, and look forward to reading about your experiences.
See what the thread leaders have to say … and let them inspire you to get involved.
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