November 2020
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The Future. Perfect? Tense? Rainbows are everywhere, drawn by children on windows, symbols of hope, of better days and dreams of a brighter future after the dark clouds of Covid 19 have passed. The crisis has brought communities together in so many ways: neighbours helping neighbours, volunteers delivering groceries, friendly greetings from strangers, unsolicited kindnesses, all becoming part of a new normal, a vision of a better, kinder, more caring society. People under lockdown have also learned to value nature more, especially birdsong, clean air and the pleasures of the outdoors. We at Pentlands Book Festival want to hear from you: what you see as a better future for yourself, and our communities. It can be a visionary dream or down-to-earth practical improvements to our environment and care for our planet, or the elimination of prejudice, discrimination and hostility. We invite everyone - of all ages - to express, individually or in groups, their own personal vision of the post-pandemic future for our area by contributing to this year’s project. We have appointed three Thread Leaders, Reta MacLennan, Panashe Nyadundu and Helen Boden. Each has written something to get you thinking - their own vision, hoping to inspire you and inviting your own response to their ideas.
Y ou will see the story developing right here on the website and on our Facebook page as each Leader weaves the threads into a tapestry reflecting our local communities.
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