Friday 2nd – Friday 30th November 2018
Alan Walker From Maxwell to Higgs” How Physics Explains the Real World
Al Borgo, Juniper Green Tuesday13 November, 7.30pm
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Alan Walker will describe physical phenomena from the ground-breaking work of James Clerk Maxwell to the discovery of the Higgs Boson.  He will bring some working models to aid the explanation, which is promised to be at a level an audience of gifted primary children would understand. Alan   Walker   is   an   Honorary   Fellow   in   the   School   of   Physics   and Astronomy   at the   University   of   Edinburgh.      Born   in   South   Elmsall,   in   the   then   West   Riding of    Yorkshire,   Alan    was    a    pupil    at    the    King’s    School    in    Pontefract.        He graduated   from   Imperial   College   in   1966   and   was   a   postgraduate   at   Sussex University before joining Edinburgh University in 1969.  Although   Alan   officially   retired   after   forty   years   of   service,   he   still   continues his many years of working in public engagement activities.  One   of   his   main   activities   is   PP4SS,   Particle   Physics   For   Scottish   Schools,   a large    exhibition    that    demonstrates    how    particle    accelerators    and    the associated experimental detectors work.  This includes hands-on exhibits and live detection of cosmic ray particles.  He   also   undertakes   a   variety   of   associated   lectures   to   primary   and   secondary schools as well as to the general public. He   remains   associated   with   the   University’s   Particle   Physics   Experiments group,   which   seeks   an   understanding   of   the   fundamental   particles   of   nature and   the   forces   that   govern   their   interactions.   In   recent   years   he   has   received or shared multiple awards for public outreach. Alan   was   awarded   an   MBE   in   2013   and   received   an   Honorary   Degree   from the   University   of   Edinburgh   in   2016,   both   for   ‘services   to   science   education and science education in Scotland’.
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