Friday 2nd – Friday 30th November 2018
Neil McLennan “Wilfred Owen’s Edinburgh Eleven”
Baberton Golf Club, Juniper Green Saturday October 13 at 7.30pm
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Last   year   Neil   shared   his   research   find   of   Wilfred   Owen,   Siegfried   Sassoon   and   Robert   Graves meeting at Baberton Golf Club. In   an   echo   of   JM   Barrie’s   'An   Edinburgh   Eleven',   writing   on   the   Edinburgh   education   figures who    inspired    him,    Neil    will    provide    details    of    eleven    figures    who    inspired    Wilfred    Owen's Edinburgh Enlightenment, a time when he wrote some of his most famous war poetry. The   event   takes   place   on   the   101st   anniversary   of   the   meeting   of   Owen,   Graves   and   Sassoon   - described as one of the most important literary meetings of the century.  Alan   Walker   and   Christine   Nimmo   will   also   explain   their   research   as   they   try   to   trace   Sassoon's 1917 Baberton golf partner. Neil   McLennan   is   Senior   Lecturer   and   Director   of   Leadership   Programmes   at   the   School   of Education, University of Aberdeen. He   spent   his   early   working   life   as   a   history   teacher   and   faculty   head   of   social   studies.   He   was Head of History at Tynecastle High School, the school where Owen taught in 1917. Neil   has   published   on   a   broad   range   of   areas   from   history   education,   current   affairs,   skill development   and   values   leadership.   Over   the   past   decade   he   has   researched   Owen's   time   in Edinburgh    and    has    written    on    this    in    a    number    of    journal    articles    for    literary    association periodicals. Neil   is   hoping   to   publish   further   on   the   topic   and   will   be   lecturing   in   France   this   November   as part of commemorative events.