Wednesday 8th November - 7.30pm Currie Rugby Club Breakout Room
Jean-Luc Barbanneau
To This Northern Shore
Jean-Luc was born in 1949 in Algiers, of French, Italian and Spanish descent – a background typical of the minority European population in what was still a French colony. Part of his childhood coincided with the Algerian war of independence. The dramatic outcome of this conflict led to a first exile with his family to France, where he finished his schooling in the provincial town of Niort before attending university in Paris. He was involved in the événements of May 1968 and then moved to the UK, acquiring British citizenship in 1976. After a few years teaching in Brighton, he began a long career in publishing in London and Oxford. Jean-Luc retired to North Berwick in 2021 and was motivated to reflect on his eventful life and start writing by the beauty and atmosphere of the Scottish east coast scenery, resulting in his memoir “To This Northern Shore”, about which you can read more here northern-shore-2023/jean-luc-barbanneau/9781904737636. Jean-Luc’s talk at Fringe By The Sea last August was very well received and we are sure you will enjoy his talk this evening.
Monday 6th - Monday 20th November