Monday 20th November - 6.30pm Colinton Library
Dr Andrew Crummy MBE
Tapestries of Scotland and Beyond
Andrew grew up immersed in the community arts scene. His work includes tapestry, murals, illustration, sculpture and painting. Andrew will tell us how he became the designer of The Great Tapestry of Scotland, which is one of the world’s largest community arts projects – a massive artistic exercise but also a huge logistical one. The tapestry is made up of 160 panels and tells the story of Scotland's history, heritage and culture – from the country's land formation millions of years ago right up to 2013, when the last panel was completed. It is now housed in its bespoke building in Galashiels. Andrew has been involved with over 20 tapestries, including The Cancer Tapestry. The idea for this was born when Andrew, a survivor himself, decided to create a tapestry to discuss all aspects of cancer: from science to all aspects of care, in an aim to educate the public. The first stitch was put by Jeanne Freeman, then Cabinet Secretary for Health in the Scottish Parliament. More locally, The Allermuir Tapestry in Allermuir Medical Centre tells stories from Oxgangs and our surrounding area. These community arts tapestries have involved thousands of stitchers from all over Scotland and beyond, telling many stories.
Monday 6th - Monday 20th November