Saturday 18th November - 11am Colinton Library
Mike Scott and Eddie Banks
The Colinton Tunnel Mural – an underground art movement
Mike Scott and Eddie Banks are part of the group that took the wild idea of transforming a dark, scary, and little-used tunnel into a safe and welcoming home for Scotland’s largest heritage mural; celebrating the industrial, social, artistic and literary history of our community. Having engaged Chris Rutterford, one of the UK’s top mural artists, they worked closely with the local community to develop their vision on topics, objects, and local worthies for inclusion in the artwork. Community involvement delivered significant practical and financial support; with major panels of the mural being painted by local schools, youth groups, and Pentland Art Club. The “spine” of the mural, Robert Louis Stevenson’s short poem, “From a Railway Carriage” runs the 140 metre length of the tunnel and connects the diverse heritage elements. The mural is a labour of love that has attracted many thousands of visitors from Scotland and the wider world, helping to boost the local economy. Ongoing maintenance and new artwork will keep it glowing, and a further mural at Cuddies Lane is planned. Hear how it all came about, how you can contribute and, as this is a book festival, hear about the Colinton Tunnel Colouring Book from its authors.
Monday 6th - Monday 20th November